To simplify things and take out any guess work we have created a set of hardware bundles categorised as, integrated all-in-one platform, separates and mobile. Our partners offer outright purchase and lease payment over time options. This blog gives an overview of Integrated all-in-one EPOS platforms.

Below are some high-level and generalised comments on the integrated all-in-one platforms. This is only intended to provide high level guidance. Please do look at the individual product pages for a detailed overview.

Certified Hardware

ELO PayPoint

This is a well-designed sleek device with a larger 13inch screen. It has a thinner than standard but wide cash drawer. Both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional and a great all-round unit.


Miura POSzle

A nice compact cost-effective unit. The tablet is separate and can be taken off, which can be useful for security. This would be used with a separate cash drawer which it can sit on, or it could be placed under a desk.


ParterTech PAT110

A great cost effective all-in-one unit with an integrated Android computer. This would be used with a separate cash drawer which it can sit on, or it could be placed under a desk.


Star mPOP

An aesthetically pleasing compact device perfect for pop up stores or merchants with higher card than cash transactions. The cash drawer is smaller than most. The tablet is separate and can be used in a mobile operation over bluetooth.


Unique Secure MePOS Pro

A well-designed unit with an integrated Lenovo tablet. It has multiple modes of operation, from mobile to fixed. The card payment stand can be removed. The tablet can be removed and the payment device can be attached to the back of tablet for mobile operation also. It has customizable LED’s and comes with inbuilt diagnostics. The unit can also be branded. The is part of the MePOS lite, mobile and Pro range.


Oxhoo Zenio

This Oxhoo Zenio really falls in-between an integrated all-in-one solution and a separates solution. This is a sleek unit that includes a large 15.6 inch screen Android computer, a stand and connectivity options for a barcode reader, printer, customer display and payment. It is basically an integrated unit without a printer.


Verifone Carbon

An exciting new device from Verifone. Features integrated payment with customer facing screen and integrated printer. The tablet “head” and payment device can be removed and taken mobile. Verifone Carbon is available as Carbon 10 (10-inch screen) and Carbon 8 (8-inch screen).


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