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Register mobile provides full EPOS functionality in a mobile form factor. It is not a cut down version or a connection required web-based application. You can take card and cash payments, manage stock & customers, book appointments with text reminders, scan bar codes, centralised business reporting and much more. In fact, everything you know about our Register Core and Plus solution is available for mobile. Register mobile is a local native Android application that is feature rich, enterprise class, performant and supports multiple hardware and payment options.

The Right Choice

Allow the clerks to come out from behind the desk and interact with customers. They become advisors, influencers and product specialists, not just executing the transaction but influencing more and higher sales.

By going to the customer and reducing the queue at busy times you can reduce store walkouts. Save Lost Sales. What if you could eliminate ONE walkout per day or sell ONE more item by adding ONE mobile device per store?

What difference would it make if you converted that missed opportunity to a £40 SALE? For a 200-store chain over 360 days mobility unlocks new revenue of £2.9 million per year & £14,400 per store. What difference would it make if you converted that missed opportunity of a £20 SALE with a single store? A single store over 360 days unlocks new revenue of £7,200 per store.


Remove fixed checkouts and utilise the space for selling. Unleash the sales clerks and enable them to interact and sell to customers anywhere in the store.


Customers like to be served with quality and efficiency. Reduce in store lines and enable more staff to interact and sell to customers. Meet their needs quickly, answer their questions and interact to provide a service as opposed to simply executing a transaction.


Move beyond the store and sell at events and festivals, on the road or organise home selling parties.


Register mobile can help upsell products and reduce customer walkouts. Save Lost Sales. What if you could eliminate ONE walkout per day or sell ONE more item by adding ONE mobile device per store?

What difference would it make if you converted that missed opportunity to a £40 SALE? For a 200-store chain over 360 days mobility unlocks new revenue of £2.9 million per year & £14,400 per store. What difference would it make if you converted that missed opportunity of a £20 SALE with a single store? A single store over 360 days unlocks new revenue of £7,200 per store.



All Register functionality for Retail, Hospitality and Salon and Service is available with Register Mobile.  Register is a feature rich, simple to use and modern innovative EPOS application. Take card and cash payments, manage stock & customers, book reservations with text reminders, scan bar codes, manage tabs, print to the kitchen, centralised business reporting and much more. Fine Tune Register for your business with over 160 configurable elements.

The Register appointments calendar allows you to centrally book tables. The reservations are then distributed to all EPOS terminals. Reservation types (e.g. Groupon meal, Birthday party) and duration can all be pre-set on the portal.

Reduce reservation no shows with text reminders. Text message are a proven way to remind customers of their booking, good for you and convenient for them.  What the messages say, how many are sent and when are all configured via the web portal. You can even set them to wish your customers a happy birthday.  Reducing no show customers can have a significant positive impact on your business.

As soon as the customer has placed an order it can be printed in the kitchen and food preparation started. Products can be configured to go to the kitchen printer or not. In addition, you can record product comments no cheese, extra mayo or medium rare. These comments are output on the Kitchen printer.

This is an item browser specifically designed for hospitality. Its large and scrollable interface allows you to view many items at once.  With a configurable category layout, you can match your menu, food might be categorised as Appetisers, Mains and Deserts, Drinks as draft, bottles, liquor and mixers. This enables you to service the customer quickly.

The Customer Relationship Manager or CRM, allows you to record customer details and link them to a transaction. What you record can be configured to your needs via the web portal. Hospitality may record name, address, favourite table and any allergies. A salon might record, favourite stylist or last hair colour. All transactions can be associated to the customer, so you can view their spend over time, market to them and service them appropriately.

Simple to use, fast and efficient EPOS functions. Register is feature rich with over 160 configurable elements including all the standard EPOS functionality you would expect and more.

Centrally manage, configure and report on your entire retail estate. Easily add, view and modify all aspects of your business such as products, departments, stores, clerks, tax, discounts, pricing, inventory, quick pick products, hardware and dashboard. Report on and control everything.

Use our clocking in/out functionality to monitor all staff time keeping. Register EPOS clerks and any other staff members clock in ad out on the Register. Clerks can clock in and log into Register at once. A timekeeping report can be viewed on the web portal.

Quite simply, Register automates tasks and gives you back time. Stock information can be imported automatically from your distributers data and sent to all Registers at the click of a button. Automatic stock management means you require less physical inventory checks. Automated low stock and replenishment reports, all save time and money.

You want a solution that just works and if there is a problem you need assistance quickly. If you are an experienced retailer with an old PC based system you will have probably felt the pain of poor support. Register is backed by a multi-level support team delivering “Enterprise Class Support”.

You may be a smaller business but our systems run in the same type of operating environment that tier one retailers use. The Register EPOS software uses a hybrid architecture of cloud and local data allowing it to work offline if your internet goes down.

Peace of mind that all your data is stored off site in our secure cloud back up and can be accessed wherever you are.

With register there is no limit to how many users you have on the system. They can be associated to one store, a selection of stores or all stores.

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Registers’ web portal provides a comprehensive reporting suite with a choice of over 20 reports, such as cashing up, top 20, profitability and low stock. Reports allow you to manage and control your business to maximise profit, be in control and scale efficiently. Reports can be filtered by date, store and department and viewed online or exported to Excel. The in-store Registers also have reports by individual Registers and by store, these reports can be viewed and printed locally on the till.

If you sell coffee by the lb or ribbon by cm, Register has you covered with its configurable units of measure functionality.

With over 160 configurable elements you can fine tune Register to your exact requirements. For instance, you set Price Overrides to require approval from a supervisor, the supervisor must enter their pin to confirm an action.

If you have one store or multiple stores, Register has you covered. You can centrally manage, configure and report on all stores via the web portal. You can simply make a price change on the web portal or change a supervisor approval setting and distribute it to all Register at once. All store and Register sales information is sent up to the central Web portal. Scale and grow with Register.

Discounts can be manually added for an amount or percentage, they can also be pre-set, for instance a staff discount. You can choose a pre-set discount or scan a discount barcode. Discounts can be applied to both individual items or whole transactions.

The tender amount is transferred automatically to the card payment terminal (for supported terminals). Your store staff will save time every day with speedier and accurate tendering with card integrated payments.

Allow customers to tender how they wish, with cash and card obviously, but also using our alternative tender’s configuration for e-wallets and other tenders like PayPal.

Provides efficient identification of the specific product. This ensures a speedy service, that the price is correct and the store stock level is adjusted appropriately.

You’re a retailer because you love your products and serving your customers, not because you want to keep up on technology. You need a solution that stays current, and simply brings new trends and technology right to you. Register is automatically updated on a regularly, based on customer requests and market trends.

Manage all your supplier details in one place. Run supplier reports and filter all applicable reports by the supplier.

Calculating commission for your staff can be a time consuming and complicated task. Register automates the commission calculations and provides you with a simple report. Which products receive commission at what rate and different commission tiers for staff are all configured via the web portal.

The customer’s name and address can be automatically printed on the receipt for easy communication with the delivery driver.

This includes specific functionality for hospitality such as a menu specific browser, printing bills before payment, tab management, kitchen printer support and product comments.

Use configurable product modifiers to alter an order before it is printed. Add onions to a burger or have your stake medium-rare.

Print the bill before payment is taken as you would in a restaurant or for your customer to review.

Create, move, suspend and resume tabs for hospitality. Tabs can have pre-set names such as tables or given names on the fly. Transactions can be suspended for takeaway. In general retailing, suspending transactions allows clerks to serve multiple customer simultaneously.

Case Studies

Wild Olive Case Study

A highly successful retailer and manufacturer of lifestyle products sold both in store and on the web. Wild Olive is a long established manufacturer of luxury handmade natural soaps, bath and home fragrances. All its own labelled products are manufactured in the UK.

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Barbers Box

Barbers Box operates from a salon in Chester. A number of years ago Robin Langley identified a new niche in the market and Barbers Box was the first licensed barbers in the UK.

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Moving from a point of sale to a point of service.
Register Mobile MPOS
Register – Simple, Modern EPOS VIdeo


The centralised reporting and management system has allowed us to make real time decisions based on up to date information from anywhere. Register has improved our operational efficiency, it has definitely improved our customer satisfaction and I highly recommend it

Jon Lees, Splashdown Water Park

Register is designed so that customisation of the screen is simple to set up. It was great to see how the stand staff quickly got the hang of using the Register especially as they had not seen or used it before. The interface is extremely easy to use and understand

Alexandra Wiseman , Ales Groupe UK Ltd

From a support point of view the team has been excellent and I have already recommended Register to a number of other retailers

Lauren Holmes , Wild Olive

I needed to understand how the salon was performing on a day to day basis, plus I was spending considerable time collating bits of paper to work out commissions for the staff.

Nigel Harvey , Harvey and Martin

I am delighted we went with the Register solution as I now have time to focus on expanding the business, rather than keep up with the day to day chores

Robin Langley , MD Barber Box

The team from Smart Volution have been brilliant – not only with the initial installation but also listening to us for additional features to be included in the product.

Daniel Price , Molly’s Toy Chest

Mobile Hardware

Register scales down to a 7-inch tablet for mobile. There are many options for this, please contact us or your solution provider for details. We will shortly also be releasing a handheld version for devices less that 7 inches.

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