A highly successful retailer and manufacturer of lifestyle products sold both in store and on the web. Wild Olive is a long established manufacturer of luxury handmade natural soaps, bath and home fragrances. All its own labelled products are manufactured in the UK. 18 months ago the team behind Wild Olive decided that it would open a new flagship store in Buxton to complement its ever-expanding online sales. The store is a delight to visit and continues the style ethos of the Wild Olive brand.


After 18 months of successful trading the team at Wild Olive realised that its Point of Sale (POS) was not capable of delivering what the expanding retail business required. It was also conscious of the fact that the existing out-dated Electronic Cash Register (ECR) was not helping to enhance the Wild Olive brand. One of the major areas that a new solution needed to address was reporting as the team had very little insight as to how the shop was performing on a daily basis and which lines were contributing to sales the most. Another significant concern was the cost of any new solution.


Having identified the requirement to move to a new electronic point of sale system it was fortuitous that Wild Olive was exhibiting at Spring Fair in Birmingham this year. Also exhibiting was Secure Retail who was demonstrating its range of EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) solutions for small to medium sized retailers. Wild Olive was delighted with the demonstration of SecurePOS, which includes the Smart Volution Register EPOS software and placed an order at the show.


Wild Olive made the decision to install the SecurePOS solution as it could see that it would address its current needs and the stores potential future requirements. Staff in the shop have found the system extremely easy to use. The Secure Retail implementation team had the whole system up and running and familiarisation finished by lunch time. Lauren Holmes from Wild Olive commented: “We have been delighted with the new system. The simplicity of it has meant that store staff have picked it up very quickly. From a store management point of view we are now getting daily sales reports giving us a proper insight into product sales and stocking requirements. Our old system was basically a glorified calculator” Lauren goes on to say “From a support point of view the team has been excellent and I have already recommended SecurePOS to a number of other retailers’ It is great to have a sleek, secure and simple to use solution.” David Russell of Secure Retail said “We are extremely pleased that SecurePOS has been a success for Wild Olive. Small to medium sized retailers now have the opportunity to benefit from a simple but sophisticated point of sale system at a price that makes sense for their size of business.”

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