Some people get anxious about migrating to a new EPOS solution, with Register there is no need to worry.

A little preparation goes a very long way no matter if you are migrating from an existing EPOS or an old Electronic Cash Register.  By having the following information ready in advance, you or your solution provider will be able to quickly configure your account to get you selling right away:

  • Details of all your stores (addresses, contact information)
  • Details of all your staff members (names, pin codes, staff numbers, role i.e. staff / supervisor)
  • List of all applicable taxes (Standard rate, reduced rate, zero rate etc)
  • List of any discounts you provide (staff discount etc)
  • List of all your departments / product categories
  • List of all your suppliers
  • List of all dump codes (unless these are just your departments)
  • List of all your products (typically available from your suppliers)
  • List of products and dump codes you want on the till screen for quick access

The key thing to remember is Register is centrally managed, this means you set everything up on our website and all the settings, information and products are sent down to all of your tills.  You can quickly setup Register to act like your existing cash register by just entering your departments and dump codes or, you can import all of your stock and supplier information, a lot of our customers setup the minimum to start with and add their stock over time.

There is no right or wrong way of doing this, you just need to do what works for you and your business.

We have extensive tutorial videos on our YouTube Channel as well as a comprehensive online user manual and your solution provider is always on hand if you need any assistance.


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