Considerations and Advice for choosing a cash draw

Cash drawers as an essential part of any Register EPOS configuration. Note: Some of the all-in-one units have an integrated cash draw (Star mPOP, Elo PayPoint). Integrated cash drawers tend to be on the small size.

A separate cash drawer give you more set up options. You can place it under the counter or place the EPOS system on top of it. There are a few core considerations to make.

Size – The size you choose will be based on your specific needs. Obviously how much cash vs card you take a day, but also how often you can or want to bank or put cash in the safe.

Tray Insert – The insert is the plastic tray in the drawer that hold the cash. This are region specific based on the currency (E.g. USA $, GBP £, EU ‎)

Voltage – There are two voltages used 12V and 24V. Check with the EPOS hardware (and or the reseller) as to which it supports.

Ruggedness – Generally the more you pay the more rugged it will be.

Receipt slot – Do you require the drawer to have a slot to put card receipts in without opening the drawer. Register, can be configured not to open the cash drawer on a card payment so you can just put the receipt into the cash drawer slot.

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