Harvey & Martin

Harvey & Martin is a successful hairdressing salon based in a delightfully old photographic shop in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The salon has been in business for over three years and employs five staff. Historically all sales were recorded manually and Nigel Harvey, one of the owners, felt it was time to investigate a more productive solution. Nigel said: “I needed to understand how the salon was performing on a day to day basis, plus I was spending considerable time collating bits of paper to work out commissions for the staff.”


It was at the Salon Show that Nigel saw Smart Volution’s Register EPOS. Apart from being pleased with its capabilities, Nigel was really impressed with the cost of the system. Nigel goes on to say: “When we initially started investigating Point of Sale (POS) solutions we were put off by the price until we found Smart Volution’s Register product. Initially I was a bit concerned as to how the staff would take to it as they were so used to our old system, but they picked it up very quickly.”


Another benefit that Nigel identified was that it helped the salon look more professional. He has also been impressed with the after service support which he has rated as ‘top notch.’ Nigel goes on to say: ‘I have been pleasantly surprised as to the additional developments that have been rolled out with the solution. Smart Volution’s support team is very responsive to enhancement suggestions for Register.’ Justin Coward CEO of Smart Volution said ‘We are delighted that our EPOS system is bringing significant productivity benefit to the salon sector at an appropriate cost. The Register product is penetrating a wide range of business sectors and it is extremely exciting to see the continued positive feedback and impact on their businesses.’

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