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Clinton Lewin has a history in cards, having previously been managing director of Clinton Cards which was founded by his father. Clinton’s new venture icandy Cards and Gifts opened its first two stores in 2013 and now operates from 14 high street locations, predominately in East Anglia. icandy wanted to migrate to a modern EPOS system. The company had an existing investment in POS hardware which Clinton was extremely keen to utilise rather than write off.


After reviewing potential options with a number of EPOS suppliers the company decided to implement Smart Volution’s Register EPOS. Clinton said: “The team at Smart Volution committed themselves to adapting the Register EPOS so that it integrated with our existing tablet-based hardware. I am delighted to say that this approach worked, ensuring our hardware investment was protected. The Register system is intuitive to use, meaning store staff quickly picked up how to use it, speeding up the transition and minimising any disruption to customers.’


Since the system has been implemented a number of other benefits have been identified. Store staff had a problem with the old system when taking payments if the till lost its WiFi connection. Staff would have to start processing the transaction again, which was inconvenient for both customers and staff. The Register EPOS solution can operate offline and is therefore significantly more robust and capable of continuing to process transactions should the WiFi connection drop out. icandy is also making the most of the Register portal reporting system. With over 70K SKUs it is vital to be able to quickly and easily identify both fast moving and poor performing SKUs. Underperforming SKUs utilising prime shelf space (and vice versa) can be very costly for the business. Clinton goes on to say: “Knowing how the shops are performing on a day to day basis is vital in today’s high street market. The Register reporting suite is also allowing us to evaluate the performance of SKUs by supplier which is a significant benefit.” Justin Coward CEO of Smart Volution said: “This was an exciting implementation for Smart Volution as we migrated icandy away from an existing EPOS system with a large number of SKUs (70K+) in a live multi-store environment. There was no room for error as we had to keep the business operating at all times. The flexibility of our Register EPOS shone through and I am immensely proud that the team delivered an excellent solution that exceeded the client’s expectations with no business interruption. It is particularly pleasing to see icandy reap the benefit of our robust system, simple design and reporting capability in a multi-store and data intensive environment. We were also keen to incorporate icandy’s existing Star printers and Zebra barcode scanners to our hardware portfolio, which further improved their return on investment.”

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