The Coach House Inn

David Oakey bought the pub next door in 2016. The Coach House Inn is in Rosedale Abbey in the North Yorkshire Moors, an area of outstanding natural beauty. As a consequence the business is highly seasonal, moving from being the ‘local’ for the village to being a major destination during the holidays. When he took over all the pub had was an antiquated cash register, which was not a lot of help in running the business. David realised that key to making a success of the inn would be a new POS solution driving a comprehensive back end information system.


Having reviewed a number of POS solutions David decided to install the Register EPOS. The age range of the staff in the inn is 16 to 73 and the oldest member of staff was somewhat sceptical about the new technology, but he very quickly got the hang of it. The systems comes with a training package, but all the staff had got the hang of it after one shift.

David has been using the solution for over a year now and has seen significant benefits to the business. The highlight being a 44% increase in turnover. He now has a firm grip on cash reconciliations which was always a nightmare with the old system. From the back end reporting he can see which menu items are a success, which turns out to often be quite different to what the staff often think! Margins on sales lines and stock items are now constantly monitored and reviewed. One area that David has focussed on now that he has the information, is waste management, which can be quite high in catering ventures. Through the system David discovered that the beer lines were leaking somewhere in the cellar. As a consequence he made an investment in new pipe systems which has been successful in reducing beer waste in the inn. David said “I have been delighted with the new system, as I am frequently not on site, I can access the back end reporting remotely and keep an eye on the business.” David goes on to say “The Register system has met all our requirements and we have yet to use all the functionality available for example ‘at table ordering’ which we intend to start using this year.”

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